How can you drive success from your business' data?

‘Success’ looks different for every business today. However, whether you’re looking to increase sales, grow repeat business or drive up social media engagement, data is going to have a crucial role to play in helping you to get there. Awareness of the role of data in driving business success is something that we are very aware of at Mandon.

That’s why we have been working with DataPA to give our clients access to data that is more relevant, current and usable when it comes to planning for success. We’re integrating Data PA tools into our MPACS system in order to be able to provide our clients with easy to analyse dashboards that are designed to do more when it comes to using data to drive the business forward. So, how does it work?

Step 1: data is collected, cleaned and organised

In any organisation, data can be drawn from a very diverse range of different sources and architectures. Manually collecting this data into one place, sorting through it and establishing systems via which to access and analyse it is incredibly time consuming. So, DataPA has designed processes that mean Mandon customers can benefit from automated systems integrated into the software. These will automatically draw data into a single central repository, clean it so that it is in its most useful state and then organise it so that it is ready to be used.

Step 2: the science bit

The sheer volume of data that most businesses generate today can make deriving any true value from it a real challenge. The benefit of integrating the architecture provided by DataPA for Mandon clients is that it comes with the ability to turn raw data into actionable insights. Machine learning enables insights to be automatically generated about the business. These can be tailored individually to each user and are easy and fast to query. The end result is that all that data that has been acquired can be processed so as to better inform business strategy.

Step 3: insight delivery

The next stage in the process is to deliver the insights that have been derived from that huge mass of raw information along with a platform to explore data at scale. This is essential, as it provides complete perspective over the business and the way that it is performing, something that is fundamental for those who are involved in defining business strategy. As a result, decision makers have the right operational metrics to drive success, whatever that looks like for the individual business.

Step 4: ease of access

Live dashboards enable ease of access to essential data and insights right across the business. As a result, anyone with access can watch the progress of performance against the objectives and goals that have been defined in business strategy.

Nick Finch from Data PA, commented, ““We’re really excited to be working with Mandon Software. The combination of their MPACS system and domain knowledge, and our analytics platform opens a host of opportunities to deliver innovative and transformative solutions to the insurance industry.”

Data management and integration is crucial for any business looking to drive success today. For Mandon customers, optimising that data for the benefit of the business is about to become even simpler.

Mandon’s Director, David Allaway, added that, “identifying and reporting trend statistics in today’s market is key to success in every business. Data PA make this simple and the team are a joy to work with. Our clients will benefit a great deal from this new relationship.”

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