How insurance software helps insurance providers to take a more customer-centric approach

According to recent research, by 2020, customer experience is going to surge as the main differentiator between brands, ahead of both price and product. As a result, there is a shift taking place with businesses across industries looking to put customers at the heart of what they do. This type of approach has already been proven to yield impressive results. 55% of consumers, for example, are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience. For insurance providers, a more customer-centric approach can be driven by the use of the right insurance software.

Where insurance software enables a more customer-centric approach

Better relationship management

True customer-centricity requires reevaluating the way that relationships are being managed. The use of insurance software enables providers to obtain essential perspective on these key relationships. All points of contact can be viewed in one single place, whether that’s requests coming in via call centres, social media or email. This enables more effective relationship management, from ensuring that urgent enquiries are dealt with first, to tracking interaction and making sure that customers get the right responses from the right people at the right time.

Creating more meaningful interactions with customers

The quality of interaction with customers is what builds loyalty and ensures that consumers feel valued. The use of insurance software provides a wide range of customisable ways to do this, depending on the relationships that the business is looking to build. For example, dates that are important to the customer can be programmed in so that they are not forgotten and interactions reference them. Insurance software also enables seamless collaboration between teams to ensure that interactions are always meaningful for the customer, no matter who they are with.

Increased personalization

As a tool, personalisation is incredibly effective. It’s also a burgeoning trend in customer service and marketing that is driving an expectation in consumers interacting with brands. Over the next 12 months we will see customers become more used to personalised communications from brands so that it will be obvious where this is lacking. Insurance software can help to cater to this desire for more relevant communication that is personalised to the individual consumer, putting customers’ needs, interests and behaviours right at the heart of the business’ approach.

More efficient customer service

It’s difficult to create a truly customer-centric approach unless customer service is driving it. The nature of customer service is changing as technology makes it possible to improve service standards, from response times to satisfaction levels. Insurance software can help to enhance customer service in a range of different ways. From providing alternative communication options, such as live chat or video chat, to self-service capabilities and live tracking claims, it offers a way to improve individual customer satisfaction with an insurance provider. Insurance software is an essential component in any insurance provider’s customer-centric strategy. Contact us to find out more about how this type of software could help put customers right at the heart of your brand.

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