Should you be working with an insurance software provider in the new year?

The dawning of a new year is the ideal time to reevaluate business systems and work out whether you’re getting the most from your existing choices. Given the speed at which change can affect an industry like insurance – and the way that technology is altering service provision – there is a lot of pressure to keep up. When it comes to ensuring optimum performance from your software investments and streamlining the way your business operates, working with an insurance software provider has many benefits.

Find your ideal match

There are some insurance companies that rely on a regular CRM but this non-specialised approach can only ever take you so far. Working with an insurance software provider gives your business access to software that has been specifically tailored for the insurance industry. Using a regular CRM is often like trying to push a square peg through a round hole - specialist insurance software, on the other hand, is the ideal match.

Upgrade your business’ flexibility

If you’re keen to take a more agile and flexible approach to your business processes next year then insurance software can be the gateway. Cloud based insurance software, for example, enables access to key systems and data on the move. It helps to foster collaboration within the business and streamlines processes so that your teams can become more effective.

Proactive and productive

Working with an insurance software provider you’ll have access to a system that has been specifically designed for the insurance industry. This means that the requirements for data storage, documents, processes or functionality have been integrated into the software from the ground up. This is very different to a regular CRM where there are often lots of compromises required. Partnering with an insurance software provider means you are using more productive systems that are proactively adjusted for sector need.

Speaking the language of insurance

Insurance software is created in the language of the industry, including key information, terminology and policies. This may seem a very simple distinction between specific software and a CRM but it’s also incredibly important. Without the right communication in place the number of mistakes increases, there may be delays and information can get lost in translation.

Getting the most from the product

When you partner with an insurance software provider you know that your business is going to get the full range of benefits from the product. From installation through to roll out and problem solving, the support of an insurance provider is invaluable. This could be as simple as helping staff to get used to a new system. Or it could be looking at how the business could reap additional benefits from using insurance software from a strategic and operational perspective – when you partner with an insurance software provider every aspect is covered.

At Mandon we have a wealth of experience in helping our clients to get the most from their software choices. Contact our team to discuss your goals for 2019.

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