Why work with an insurance software provider?

Insurance is a fast moving industry and agents need to be supported by systems that enable them to operate at optimum capacity. Insurance businesses function in many different ways and with differing degrees of efficiency in terms of systems and technology. However, there is no doubt that insurance software provides a huge competitive advantage for businesses in the industry. If you’re considering working with an insurance software provider, there are some very good reasons to do so.

Software specifically designed for insurance

It may sound obvious but insurance software is specifically designed for businesses in the industry. While some insurance companies manage perfectly well with a regular CRM, specialised programmes that have been designed for insurance provide a range of benefits and advantages that go above and beyond what a regular CRM can provide.

Improving efficiency and productivity

When systems are fairly generic – i.e. not designed specifically for a sector or business – they can be functional but not as effective as they could be. Software that has been designed for the insurance sector has been built with an innate understanding of what information needs to be obtained and stored where. This type of software isn’t playing catch up but is always anticipating need in terms of supporting agents with the documents, information, and capability that is required. The result is that efficiency and productivity are significantly improved and the business overall does better.

Designed from an insurance perspective

Insurance software is populated with key information, terminology and policies in a way that a general CRM can never be. This can help to reduce miscommunication and delays and avoid many of the issues that a less specific system might encounter.

Making processes more agile

Working with an insurance software provider to integrate new software into the business can help to improve flexibility and agility too. Cloud based software, for example can be used to improve accessibility to key information and data, as well as communication and collaboration between teams. Intuitive systems that are designed to free insurance businesses up from the heavy loads of too much admin are ideal for improving agility and performance.

Key support when it’s required

There are so many benefits to working with an insurance software provider and these don’t just relate to the insurance product itself. While this type of software is specifically designed to be easy to use there is always support available as and when required if you’re working with a software provider. Whether you’re looking for ways to help staff get used to a new system or working out how insurance software could be optimised to help improve performance and streamline daily tasks, working with a software provider will help to bridge any knowledge or process gaps. At Mandon, we develop software that is designed to help your business achieve its goals and we work with customers right across the industry, from marine to healthcare. We have been developing software for insurance brokers for 25 years – contact us to find out more about how our team could support you.

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