You have the Technology – Is your team ready?

“Digital Transformation” is the phrase being repeated in boardrooms around the country today. Hours of research and a wealth of resources are being dedicated to ensuring that organisations are supported by the best IT that money can buy. While this is certainly a crucial part of the process of successful digital transformation for any business, it’s not just about the tech. The people in your enterprise have a key role to play in ensuring that you reap returns on your IT investment so it’s important to ensure that they are embracing the changes too.

The importance of alignment between culture and strategy

From AI to robotics, analytics and big data there are some incredible tech developments taking place that offer a wealth of opportunities for businesses willing to get on board at an early stage today. However, many organisations fail to understand that this investment also needs to be supported by business model transformation, as well as evolving internal processes, culture and leadership to support a different approach. New technology can raise a number of key questions for any business, including:

  • Should we be looking at new ways to reward employees as a result of adoption of this new technology?
  • How are existing working mindsets, behaviours and skills going to change?
  • What else needs to be realigned to account for this shift, for example roles, metrics and key business processes?

Is your team ready?

It’s often worth taking the time to measure the readiness of your team when it comes to the digital transformation that you’re hoping to achieve with investment in new IT. For example, it can be useful to obtain insights into key workforce segments and how they are likely to respond to the addition of this new technology. It’s also essential to have a sound understanding of the culture of the business, gaps in abilities and what resources exist for nurturing digital talent and capabilities. From that point you can start to plan for effective adoption of technology including:

  • Ensuring that everyone in the business is adequately trained in how to use new systems and equipment
  • Understanding whether older and younger team members are working together as a unified team with the same end goal or whether new technology is likely to be divisive
  • Indentifying and correcting existing inconsistencies in workflow, such as those who are using different processing steps to get specific data
  • Working on reshaping company culture to ensure openness to digital transformation – the behaviours and mindsets you encourage will mould how the teams in the business respond on a day-to-day basis
  • Rethinking the way the business is structured in terms of career progress and rewards to ensure that the infrastructure provides motivation for everyone in the business to embrace a new digital company culture

Adopting new technology for your business is an exciting time. However, it’s not simply enough to pay for new IT and then sit back and hope for the best. If you want to get the most from the investment it needs to be carefully integrated into a business infrastructure that may need to be adapted to receive it properly.

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