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How is tech changing the future of the insurance sector?

Technology is changing the future of every sector today - and insurance is no different. From apps and cloud systems through to artificial intelligence there are many different tech tools available to insurers looking to offer customers more and introduce greater operational efficiency. These are just some of the ways in which the influence of technology is going to continue to change the insurance sector in the years to come. Investing in technology for greater security There are a number of key benefits to working with the cloud when it comes to improving business security. These include the fact that it allows for constant agility, a more modular approach and the integration of key compliance standards, such as those that are designated by the GDPR. The public cloud provides options for insurers of all sizes, including those with a global business, ensuring everything from protected content management to international secure access. Open cloud-based digital ecosystems

It’s not just security where the cloud has something to offer the future of the insurance sector. A cloud-based approach will provide customers with a great deal more flexibility, make insurers more agile and make it easier to simplify insurance products and the process of buying them. Via a cloud-based system, changes can be completed swiftly and new products and services rolled out quickly in response to consumer demand. This type of approach allows insurers to be more responsive and will help to build stronger bonds with consumers by empowering them to make more choices about the type of guarantees that they want.

How is tech changing the future of the insurance sector

Modular products

There is a clear desire among consumers for services that are more flexible, easy-to-use and digitally driven and this is something that is fully supported by technology. More modular products allow customers to tailor services to their individual needs, choosing for themselves the products that they want to include in their coverage and providing options for self-management of claims and amendments. This greater range of choice is empowering the consumer to do more for themselves and is something that is going to be possible for any insurance business thanks to technology.

Ongoing digitisation?

For many insurers, the traditional approach has been to rely on a variety of different technologies, systems and processes to manage all different elements of the business, including quotes, purchasing, claims, customer services and a range of other activities. This can create a lot of interruption and complexity between software and hardware across various different systems. The ongoing wave of digitisation making increasingly more integrated technology solutions available provides insurers with a different way of doing business, moving away from legacy systems and data centres to a much more streamlined approach. One example of an insurer doing just this is Liberty Insurance, which is moving to a digital ecosystem based on customer centricity and leveraging Amazon’s public cloud API and consumption-based mentality.

Technology has the potential to help insurers transform what they do and better meet customer needs, now and in the future.

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