How to increase productivity in your insurance agency

Productivity has been in the news a great deal lately.  A recent report by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) stated that productivity in the UK had grown by just 0.2% per year for the last five years.  However, it’s generally considered that this is not because of lazy British workers.  Far from it.  One of the reasons for low productivity is due to staff not having the best tools for their jobs. 

At Mandon we search out the best tools for our developers.  For example, we use Openedge from Progress Software for our server side development meaning allowing us to rapidly create code and we use tools from Atlassian to assist us in easy deployment of our solutions.

Quickly turnaround quotes

Likewise, in the insurance sector, productivity is key and having the right software increases this productivity and ultimately the bottom line for the business.  For example, getting quotes and renewal invites out of the door as quickly and as easily as possible is a major factor.  Having a solution which will provide easy data entry, calculate premiums and generate the correct documents automatically will give a business an edge over competitors.

It’s also a combination of small features which together provides great productivity. A feature soon to be deployed to MPACS is the ability to create notepad and diary entries using user defined shortcuts.  These shortcuts speed up the entry of the most common reasons for creating notepad and diary entries, together with a standard throughout the application for auto completing drop-down boxes makes a great difference to the time spent on an individual risk.

Making the customer input

Turning the screen around to the customer via a web interface has long been a way of increasing productivity.  Using web hooks and APIs from a website into the back office application, the web site user can provide details directly without these details having to be keyed in the office.  Time saving benefits like these are part and parcel of the MPACS application.

Interfacing with other products

Interfacing with other great products also assists in the productivity stakes.  The MPACS interface to Dropbox is one such example which allows documents already shared to be imported against the risk to which they pertain.  Another is the interface to the preferred accounting software such as Sage or Xero.  Automatically creating postings and invoices means less keying, increased productivity and a saving of both time and money.

Easy email

Often the same email structure needs to be sent for every quote, policy or for any other communication.  By having standard user definable templates which, with mark-up can include details from the risk, assists in this task delivering a quick solution to one of the most common of tasks in a business insurance office.

To find out more how MPACS and Mandon Software can help you with your company’s productivity, call 01708 922850. 

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