Update: 3 new employees, TTC and Inclusive Behaviours Pledge

At Mandon Software, we are passionate about equality in the workplace, which is why we have recently signed both the TTC and Inclusive Behaviours Pledge. The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) encourages women in to technology roles through helping organisations to deliver greater diversity in the tech workforce to better reflect the population as a whole.

Why have we signed the TTC?

Mandon Software signed the TTC as it reflects our own vision for the industry. We are proud to have signed this to demonstrate our own commitment to achieving the vision of equality and opportunity in the technology sector. What it means for us is that we have adopted an inclusive recruitment policy to ensure that women are included in interview shortlists where possible, and we have policies in place to help develop an inclusive workplace and meet best practice guidelines. We are required to submit employee data to demonstrate how we are meeting this over time.

Rt. Hon Matt Hancock MP:
“A digital gender divide is unacceptable, which is why we’re working with industry to ensure that everyone has access to the exciting employment opportunities within our tech sector. To make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a digital business we need the right workforce, and it’s great to see more organisations sign up to the Tech Talent Charter and improve diversity.”

The Inclusive Behaviours Pledge

We believe that the insurance industry is a great career path that greatly contributes to the UK economy and success of the public sector. We also believe that to achieve excellence in this, the best talent will come through diversity and employment of different people from a variety of races, ages, genders, sexualities, disabilities, backgrounds and religions. It is for this reason we have signed the Inclusive Behaviours Pledge, to enable us to show our commitment to creating a culture of inclusive behaviours.

Recruitment and workplace diversity at Mandon Software

Since Christmas, we have welcomed 3 new developers: Sabira, Scott and Mike. They are a great fit within the Mandon team! We are excited to see what they will bring to Mandon Software over the coming months during this exciting period of growth.

David Allaway, Director at Mandon Software, commented, “I’m delighted to have so many new people joining Mandon Software. The company has big plans for this year. It is important for me that my team are feeling motivated and can feed from the positive energy within the office.”

“When recruiting the focus was solely on the job at hand and the person’s ability to that job, I look at a person’s character and best qualities for the role, for our business and that of our customers. Going forward it will stay that way, we will honour the pledges signed and treat any complaint seriously and with discretion.”

If you think Mandon Software would be a good fit to work with you for your insurance software requirements, get in touch with our team today on 01708 922850.

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