What are the benefits of using mPACS insurance software?

mPACS insurance software provides management for a range of products and is an essential tool for insurance brokers looking to optimise the business. Easy to integrate and specifically designed with the needs of the insurance sector in mind, it’s a software solution that offers a range of very attractive benefits.

Easy reporting

With mPACS insurance software you can create your own reporting and design your own graphs. Analysis is drawn directly from your own data without the need for a third party or developer to create reports for you.

Auditing and paper trails

The software is designed to make every transaction and decision transparent and accountable. So, each one is assigned a unique reference to create a clear line of accountability.  Every change that is made is audited, ensuring that you can always see the author of any changes, as well as when that change was made.

Consistent documents

mPACS insurance software enables document templates to be created to suit the needs of your individual business. Each one can be regulated by rules so that they are only used at a specific time.

Straightforward accounting integration

As mPACS insurance software integrates easily with accounting software, such as Sage, the process of managing accounts and producing key documents, such as insurer bordereaux and agent statements, is simple and straightforward.

Creating and building

With mPACS insurance software you’ll be able to create and build new insurance products with ease. This can be useful in terms of creating niche packages and also ensuring that they are available in a timely manner.

Claims management

It’s crucial to ensure that claims are property handled and managed and mPACS insurance software is a very simple way to do this. Once the software is installed you’ll be able to import everything, from images to correspondence, into the database to centralise your claims information and ensure that the whole process is easy to navigate.

Marketing data

Data management is another important element in insurance today, both from the point of view of legal compliance and also effective marketing. With mPACS insurance software you can record and manage marketing preferences to ensure that they match up with what customers actually want to see, and optimise your marketing efforts with well informed personalisation.

Avoid rekeying of data

Data rekeying can be incredibly time consuming and creates multiple opportunities for mistakes and errors to arise. With mPACS insurance software you’ll be able to use the software’s APIs to interface with other key systems, and with the business’ website, to avoid rekeying of data, saving time and minimising the opportunities for mistakes.

More choice and control

From defining quote question orders for your insurance products, to creating fields for use in the application and in reporting, you’ll have much more choice and control with mPACS insurance software.

If you’d like to find out more about what mPACS insurance software can do for your business, how it could improve efficiency and results, please get in touch with Mandon Software today.

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