The benefits of using MPACS Insurance Broker Software

MPACS Insurance Broker Software provides a simple and fast structure within which to set up niche schemes for your insurance agency. It has been designed by the experts to provide an efficient way for insurance brokers with delegated authority to manage this part of the business. Working with MPACs software means that you’ll benefit from the personalised approach at Mandon and a range of flexible ways to implement this solution that fit with your budget and goals. It’s a simple way to help boost your business, improve organisation and increase productivity too.

The benefits of using MPACS

There are many advantages to working with this software, from the way that it is delivered to the opportunities it can create for your business.

  • A range of options for renewing. MPACS offers lots of ways to make your renewing process more efficient, whether you’re looking to renew one case at a time or in bulk. Once you’ve made contact concerning renewing you can easily follow this up with an SMS message.
  • Use MPACS in the cloud or on premise. Choose the option that works best for your business, whether you prefer to work with the flexibility of the cloud or the option of on premise instead.
  • An agile environment able to handle the most complex rating set ups. MPACS has been developed with the knowledge that each insurance scheme comes with its own set of rules. It is built on Progress OpenEdge database so you can update and edit your own rating files to ensure that control always remains with you.
  • Quick and easy quotes. Produce quotes in minutes and respond to clients quickly to help cement those all important relationships. This software is highly configurable so you can use it in the way that works for you, including when it comes to the question sets that most suit your style.
  • Easy document editing and preparation. Prepare as many documents as you need on an individual basis and establish rules so that you can reduce the volume of manual intervention required.
  • Transparency and accountability. MPACS has been developed to make auditing easy – everything is date and time stamped and an insurer can have access to the View version of MPACS to see their documents and rates rather than having to make a visit to your office.
  • Choose the payment structure that works for your business. You can pay for MPACS either on a rental basis or with a one time licence purchase, whatever suits your budget and needs.
  • Dedicated customer service. MPACS is backed by a UK based support team who are dedicated to helping your business to use the software to improve productivity and see real results.
  • Easy interfacing. Like all Mandon software, MPACS has an open API – if you want to improve the UX for yourself and your own clients you are welcome to.

These are just some of the benefits of using MPACS Insurance Broker Software – contact our team if you’d like to find out more.

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